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Get to know us

We provide a wide variety of under-served populations with all-inclusive affordable housing in Solano County, CA.


We’re committed to providing our clients with clean, safe, furnished living arrangements that can’t be found elsewhere.

We believe in offering a structured and accountable environment for our residents to thrive in. 

Promoting independence while offering support so that our residents can form a healthy lifestyle and carry on long after they've left us.

Sober Living Environment home

Our homes are an all-inclusive independent co-living environment.


We provide safe, comfortable, clean, substance-abuse free homes for adults in all demographics who are in need of housing.


We believe in providing a sober environment for vulnerable people who may be in recovery or not. We provide the following amenities for our residents


Cozy Bed
Utilities included
Washer and dryer
Living room Television
Workout Equipment

Is a sober living home right for you?

  • You have completed a residential treatment program or been through detox and would like to continue your sobriety

  • You would benefit from the accountability of mandatory drug tests

  • You have a job, are looking for one or volunteer somewhere

  • You are in recovery therapy or attend group meetings

  • You are serious about your recovery

  • You would benefit from structure and accountability


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